My Fave Links to Running & Weight Management Resources

Here are a few of my favorite websites related to weight loss and running. If you know of any links that might work well for this page, please feel free send them along.

You can help keep this page useful to others by suggesting new resources and by reporting links to resources that no longer exist.


Weight Management and Body Composition Resources

“Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone” is the most valuable site for looking up the caloric/nutritional value (also expressed as Weight Watchers “points”) of almost any food item at any restaurant chain – it even includes small chains, specialty foods (Starbuck’s), fast food, Canadian restaurants – you name it. Dottie has her ispiring weight loss story here, too:

Exercise values. Here’s a “calories burned” calculator for various activities:

“Why the scale lies” is an essay on the pitfalls of getting bummed when a random weight measurement is higher than you expect it to be:

Weight Watchers web site:

Weight Watchers who also run. Here is the link to my weight watchers running friends. There are photos of most of us under PHOTOS:

The Oregon Road Runners Club: My first marathon program came from here, before I found my coach:

Running Resources

Heart Benefits of Running. I get a lot of requests to link pages but only do so when I feel the page offers value to readers. David Patterson asked that I have a look at his page on heart health and running. I like what I see and I am happy to refer you to Heart Health Benefits of Running at Although this page focuses primarily on heart health it also offers some good information on running in general.

My Top Fitness has something for everyone looking to get fit or stay that way. Of special interest here is their category on trail running which combines the urge to be in nature with the inexplicable drive to run (in my husband’s words). I’d recommend it to anyone but especially to those new to trail running. Trail Running – Tips for Beginners and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Ultimate Running Resource Guide was suggested by reader Marcella Burdette. I am a little hesitant. Unlike pages written by running enthusiasts, this page appears to be a click-through directory that gets paid to send you to other pages. Still, it does offers some useful information at no cost to you.

Cool Running. A great site for running information. Here is where I started logging all my runs on their free software. Resources

The Marathon Guide lists, among other fun stuff, a comprehensive events colander:

Marathon Maniacs Would you like validation of your mania for marathons? Become an official Marathon Maniac. I’m one and mania loves company! Details available on the Maniacs web site:

McMillan Running is an excellent resource for runners, including hookups with personal training coaches. That’s where I found Jonas, my new distance running coach. The pace calculators mentioned below come from this site:

McMillan’s pace calculator helps you get an idea about how fast you should be running in training and races

Ultra running – 50-100 (and more!) mile races:

Running Times online. Another e-zine version of a running magazine:

A treadmill pace converter for those times you’re stuck inside:

A reader wrote to ask if I might like to add their guide to treadmill running shoes to our resources page.  Well, yes, I would! The guide consists of helpful written material, a video presentation, and some pros and cons on specific shoes currently on the market.

Run the Planet – “the largest worldwide running community on the planet” A resource for ultramarathon races, training & information for ultra running enthusiasts. Trail, mountain, desert, 24 hour & other ultra long distance endurance events. State of Play® was suggested in a piece of “fan mail” and I think it is a worthwhile addition with scads of valuable resources. Thanks, Alana!