Capitol Peak 50 mile

11:25 and change.

Better than 11:50 two years ago but the course was different. It was a perfect day for running with moderate temperatures all day and no rain. There had been plenty the week before so there was also plenty of mud to contend with at the beginning (and end). I took the early start and set a steady pace through the first half. We climbed up to Capitol Peak the first time along a steep and bolder strewn climb that I was glad not to have to descend later. There were some flatter dirt road sections but also plenty of quad working long downhills in the second half that suited me well for training myself to endure some of the same at Western Sates in June.

I practiced with some new fueling options (Hostess fruit pies) which worked really well; but, I didn’t get in enough calories in the last 10 miles so it slowed me up way too much. Not as strong a finish as I had hoped but a finish none the less.

Karen Wiggins asked afterward if I was feeling ready for Western States. Do you ever feel ready for WS? I doubt it.

After the race Rodney and I walked almost all the way back to the RV before I remembered I forgot my drop bags so we turned around and walked back to retrieve them. Then back to the RV again. Then back and forth to the showers before we packed up and drove off for the rest of our vacation week. It must have been helpful because I felt recovered within 24 hours and was back to running normally in 48. I really like these fast recovery times.