March Mudness

March Mudness (March 25, 2006)

Well, I’m back from the field of victory. I had a very nice run and despite the fatigue and heavy breathing, I still think it’s really fun.

My coach called me at my folks house last night to make sure I was doing OK. I had emailed him about skipping my Wednesday run and he wanted to give me a pep talk. What a great coach!

Now for the RR: The trail winds 30+ miles through the forested hills near/through Portland. There’s plenty of up and down but over all it’s a really pretty single track. Lots of mud to traipse through, but more like 2-6 steps, rather than 50-100 yards at a time. Just lots of muddy puddles and there weren’t too many times that it slowed us down.

It takes a lot of food to fuel this machine, I guess because the fist hour I felt really tired. Realized I didn’t eat enough for BF (5:30 AM) and needed a snack before the start (8:30 AM). After the first aid station I fueled up and felt much better.

I met up with one of the fellows from last month’s run and we stuck together for a lot of the race, catching up on events since Hagg Lake. The 3rd fellow joined us about 2/3 in and ran with us for an hour (he’s recovering from the LA marathon). There were quite a few hills to navigate the whole way through. The steepest stretch was at about mile 25 and slowed us down, but at least it’s a good excuse to walk (hike fast) for a while. Then there was a long downhill part to destroy quads on. I went flying very fast. Of course, then the last 4 miles were pretty hard and every hill seemed much worse. But, I figured it was near the end so I ran up them all. I passed about 5 people in the last 5 miles again. One couple stayed right on my heels, too, so it kept me running faster than I otherwise would have so I wouldn’t get re-passed.

Finished in 5:43:13, 12 minutes faster than last month (though a different course).

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