Hagg Lake 50K Ultra

Hagg Lake 50K Ultra (Feb 25, 2006)

A fine week topped off by a fine day running trail yesterday.  50K in 5:55.

The running Gods were looking out for me and I even had enough energy for a huge kick over the last 3 miles.  I passed a bunch of people and felt great doing it.

Probably went out too fast for the first loop but obviously saved enough for later.  I believe I ran a negative split.

No wardrobe malfunctions and only one fall into the mud without injury.  Not much significant elevation changes but lots of short steep ups and down.


Lots of mud made for slippery and difficult footing for about the last third of each loop and slowed us all down.  My quads are pretty sore today.  I met some new people and had a great time.

I’ve got the routine down now for efficient aid station stops and can get in and out comfortably in about a minute.   Can’t wait for the next race in March.

I’ve been looking at the 50M I’ve got scheduled in April   (http://www.ontherunevents.com/mtsirelay/)  and it although it’s on “trail” it looks like the terrain will be more road-like.  There won’t be any big hills to walk up so I may need to consider doing a run:walk ratio.

If things go well there I’d like to do the PCT 50M at the end of July again this year.

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