Running of the Trolls

Running of the Trolls

Well,  It was more like 5.25 miles so I finished in 40:08  (7:39 pace).  I came in 3rd overall… out of 3.  The rest of the participants were joggers or walkers.  Only about 15-20 people overall.  It’s really hard to keep up a competitive pace when you’re out there all alone (the #1 and #2 runners were way out ahead of me).  There actually were some small – medium hills.

Overall it was great because I doubt I’ll ever be able to say again that I placed 3rd overall in a race!  They had it measured wrong, though.  Luckily I brought my GPS and it was really 5.25 miles.  I’ve been strapping it up high on my arm so I can’t really see it while I’m running and I just run by feel.  Luckily I get the final time and distance.


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