The Great Columbia Crossing

The Great Columbia Crossing

I just finished the 10K  that I was training for and wanted to tell you how it went. Well, here’s the scoop.

This last week I had a bad cold and didn’t run at all.  I felt so crummy yesterday with a low grade fever and painful, productive cough,  I was not hopeful for today.  It’s also been raining and blowing.  I went to a sporting goods store yesterday and got some really cool clothes to wear in bad weather running…skin tight leggings and long-sleeved shirt made out of some sort of breathable space age fabric.  Totally awesome stuff!  I went to bed with a handful of Ibuprofen and cough syrup.  I slept well.

I got up early and weighed myself….124.8#  Blink, blink,  must be the light.  No, it really does say 124.8.  WOW!  Good omen?

We get to the race and have to wait in the wind and rain but there I am in running gear standing in a big crowd of runners…I’m a runner, it occurs to me.  I have my mile split times written on my arm so I know if I’m keeping my pace to finish under 60 minutes.  They count down to the start and it starts to pour and the wind picks up.  GO!!!!!!!!

I run, many people pass me as I keep my usual pace and it’s raining and windy.  We hit the bridge and my first mile split time is 1 minute under where I need to be!  Wow! Mile 2 and 3 are the same and now I’m passing people.  The rain has stopped and though there’s still a wind, it’s sideways rather than head on.

Then the dreaded hill.  A very steep 1 mile of incline.  I trudge and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  As I crest the hill I run with my arms over my head waving in a victory salute (people must have thought I was crazy)!  The 5 mile split is just on the down-slope side and I’m 2 minutes under my pace!

Downhill (equal to the up) and back on the flats and the rain and wind return coming straight at us.  My face is dripping and my morning lotion is now pouring into my eyes (remember this for next time).  I’m pushing it and then my MP3 player runs out of juice.  Oh well,  I can run a mile without my tunes.

When I see the finish line 50 yards ahead, I sprint to the end and pass another runner on the way.  I finish!!!  I feel good, but not totally spent and certainly not dreadfully taxed nor sick.  Then I finally remember to turn off my stop watch…56:29.  I probably got in just at 56:15 (official results will be posted later).  Four minutes under my goal time.  Blink, blink…yup, definitely 56:29.

What a great day.  I met my WW goal (unofficially) and finished my first race well within my self-imposed pace.   If the weather had been perfect, I don’t think I could have done any better.  And my knees didn’t hurt at all.  Those running clothes kept me the perfect temperature even when I was soaking wet.  I also got a pair of special socks (2 layer) so I didn’t get blisters, even with my feet all wet.

Rodney (DH) ran/walked the race and finished just 20 minutes after me.  If he builds up his endurance, he’ll leave me in the dust.  We went to the finishers tent and had a bowl of (free) clam chowder and an apple and then came home.  Now, of course, it’s sunny and the rain has stopped.

So, there you have it.  On to my next goal… the May marathon I plan to do in the redwood country of Northern California.