Gorge Fest

Gorge Fest (May 30, 2003)


Well, I suspect you already heard my result on your voice mail; but here’s all the news that’s fit to print.  It turned out to be a smaller event than I thought…maybe 50-100 people?  The final online results will be posted later at http://www.gorgefest.com/html/10k_run.html  In case you didn’t get my message, I finished at 46:57.

It seems like almost everybody passed me within the first 1-2 miles even though I was doing 8:00 or less minute miles.  I felt put to shame so that’s why I stuck to a faster than intended pace.  It seemed like I could sustain it so that’s why I just kept it up.  Of course, in the end, I did take my GPS with me and it worked just fine to keep me from going even faster the first mile (although it was incredibly unnerving to see everyone and his brother passing me).  Some of the front runners had even just finished a triathlon event staged before our race.  If that doesn’t make one feel wimpy…

I did the “reel ’em in” technique again on the second half.  I saw a woman 100 yards ahead and made it my mission to catch and pass her.  Besides, she looked to be about my age and I didn’t want her to beat me.  I was bad, though, and as I was running along side her I made chit chat about the wind we were running into and then casually asked her what her goal pace was… 8:30 she says (like me) and I pleasantly reply that well, by my GPS she’s doing 8:00 now!  That takes the competitive edge off her, I suspect, and I just breezed ahead as she realized that she didn’t have to be working that hard. Heh, heh.  Hope that’s not unsportsman-like behavior. I did my warm up mile with strides and then after the race I ran back to do the last 1/2 with Rodney (my husband) as he finished.  He’s decided that taking a month off from training makes for much more difficult races.  No kidding.  Obviously, he runs to have it in common with me, not because he likes it all that much.  Not bad for an old guy, though (he’s 12 years older than I).

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